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Come shop with us ♥♥♥

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We have a passion for shopping. Pretty clothes make our day. We hope to make your day too. So spice up your wardrobe with a piece of 'Reverse Role' fashion ♥♥♥

On the more serious stuff.. By purchasing with Reverse Role, you have chosen to adhere to comply with all the following terms and conditions.

Ordering information
1) Please leave a comment on that particular entry with subject "Confirm" or "Enquiry".
2) Kindly state your name, email address, item name, size, colour, quantity or any alternative if applicable.
3) If item is available, we will contact you within 24hrs with the invoice.

1) Normal postage: $1.50/item. Subseqent items will be charged at $0.50/item.
2) Registered postage: Additional flat $2.24 on top of the item costs and normal postage costs.
3) We strongly recommend registered postage.
4) We will not be held responsible for any lost parcels if normal postage is selected.

Every other things
1) No refunds or exchange allowed.
2) We will check the items that means quality control before sending out.
3) Reverse Role reserves the rights to change the Terms & Condition at our own discretion.

Lastly, a big THANK YOU for purchasing a piece of Reverse Role. We sincerely appreciate and very happy with your support!!! :)